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February 3rd, 2018: Performance of "Beyond the Sky / 空の果てへ" in Tokushima (徳島), Japan

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There will be a concert
at the Tokushima Awagin Hall 1F in Tokushima, Shikoku, Japan
on Saturday, Feb 3rd, 2018
(This concert is part 2 (probably) of a 3 day event Friday Feb 2nd / Saturday Feb 3rd / Sunday Feb 4th in Tokushima)

Precise information is sketchy at this stage.

date:- 2018.2.3(土) / 3rd Feb, 2018
time:- ???

AWA Traditional Performing Arts Creation Dissemination Project

Tokushima Kunakura Renaissance "second part"
Japanese music used in the contemporary ... in Tokushima
徳島邦楽ルネッサンス《後編》 現代を活きる邦楽 in 徳島
~ "Japanese music" x "Body expression" ~

 Shikoku · Tokushima   -  Awagin Hall 1F Hall
 四国・徳島 あわぎんホール 1Fホール

The program for that evening is:-

 "Genroku Hanami dance"
   by Nagauta and Japanese dance
   長唄・日本舞踊 による 「元禄花見踊」

 Rhapsody   お綱ラプソディー
  composed by Minoru Miki / 三木 稔:作曲

 Gorgeous   華やぎ
  composed by Minoru Miki / 三木 稔:作曲

Beyond the Sky  空の果てへ
  composed by Marty Regan / マーティン・リーガン:作曲

 Small Suite 小組曲
  composed by Minoru Miki / 三木 稔:作曲

Information about the concert is posted on the venue's website which is
though the piece is not.

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