Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring 2015: CD release of "Flowers, Birds, Wind, Moon"

Inspired by core images of nature that recur throughout Japanese literature and the arts, the CD recording of my multi-movement suite for koto (13-string Japanese zither) and violoncello–the first and only one of its kind–, Flowers, Birds, Wind, Moon, has been released. Commissioned by the internationally-prominent, award-winning ensemble Duo YUMENO Flowers, Birds, Wind, Moon has been performed over 100 times in various venues all over the world. In 2014 they  were the recipients of the Baroque Saal Kyoto Toyama Music Prize for their–in the words of the Aoyama Music Award jury–""exquisite" and "compelling” performance of this extended work. 

This CD includes the following works:

I. Flowers Dance花が舞う(2010)

II. Frolicking With the Birds 鳥と戯れて (2011)

III. Riding the Southern Winds 南風にのって (2012)

IV. Silence of the Moon月の静寂 (2013)

Flowers, Birds, Wind, Moon can be purchased at