Wednesday, January 24, 2018

April 10th, 2018: Première of "In a Moss Garden" in Houston, TX

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There will be a concert
at Rothko Chapel, Houston, Texas, USA
on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at 7:00 PM
premiering Marty Regan's latest composition
In a Moss Garden.

The program for that evening is:-

John Lane : Uji(有時) for solo snare drum and spoken text reflects on the teachings of Eihei Dōgen, founder of the Sōtō school of Zen.

John Cage : Ryōanji(龍安寺) is a sublime work that musically represents the raked sand and stones of the Ryōanji temple garden in Kyoto.

Marty Regan : In a Moss Garden the première of a new work by Marty Regan for koto (13-string Japanese zither) [Yōko Reikano Kimura], shakuhachi (end-blown Japanese bamboo flute) [Marty Regan], and percussion [John Lane].
Information about the concert is at Rothko Chapel Event:- In a Moss Garden : The Sounds of Japan .

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

February 3rd, 2018: Performance of "Beyond the Sky / 空の果てへ" in Tokushima (徳島), Japan

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There will be a concert
at the Tokushima Awagin Hall 1F in Tokushima, Shikoku, Japan
on Saturday, Feb 3rd, 2018
(This concert is part 2 (probably) of a 3 day event Friday Feb 2nd / Saturday Feb 3rd / Sunday Feb 4th in Tokushima)

Precise information is sketchy at this stage.

date:- 2018.2.3(土) / 3rd Feb, 2018
time:- ???

AWA Traditional Performing Arts Creation Dissemination Project

Tokushima Kunakura Renaissance "second part"
Japanese music used in the contemporary ... in Tokushima
徳島邦楽ルネッサンス《後編》 現代を活きる邦楽 in 徳島
~ "Japanese music" x "Body expression" ~

 Shikoku · Tokushima   -  Awagin Hall 1F Hall
 四国・徳島 あわぎんホール 1Fホール

The program for that evening is:-

 "Genroku Hanami dance"
   by Nagauta and Japanese dance
   長唄・日本舞踊 による 「元禄花見踊」

 Rhapsody   お綱ラプソディー
  composed by Minoru Miki / 三木 稔:作曲

 Gorgeous   華やぎ
  composed by Minoru Miki / 三木 稔:作曲

Beyond the Sky  空の果てへ
  composed by Marty Regan / マーティン・リーガン:作曲

 Small Suite 小組曲
  composed by Minoru Miki / 三木 稔:作曲

Information about the concert is posted on the venue's website which is
though the piece is not.

Info for this event is also taken from:-

Monday, January 22, 2018

January 27th, 2018: Performance of "Light of the Rainbow / 虹の光" in Tokyo

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There will be a performance of Light of the Rainbow performed by T and S Nozawa amongst works by other composers.



14:00開演 プログラムは

Lobby of Higashi-Kurume City Hall
from 2 PM.
No charge.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

December 17th, 2017: Performance of "Shadows of the Moon / 月影幻想曲" in Tokushima (徳島), Japan

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There will be a concert in Tokushima, Japan on Sunday December 17th, 2017.

Cosmo Hall, Anan City Jōhō Bunka Center, Tokushima, Japan

The 2nd item on the programme is Marty Regan's work Shadows of the Moon / 月影幻想曲

2. 月影幻想曲 / マーティン・リーガン
三弦 多田英治
尺八 貝出光山

December 12th, 2017: Performance of "Withering Chrysanthemum/残菊" at Kōen Dōri, Tōkyō

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Place: 公園通り/Kōen Dōri Live Performance Venue, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Time: 2PM / 14時開演(13時半開場/doors open at 1:30PM)

Ticket/チケット: 前売り2500円(当日3000円)学生2000円

出演: 野澤佐保子/ Sahoko Nozawa (箏/koto、歌/voice、語り/narration)
ゲスト: 大河内淳矢/Junya Okochi(尺八/shakuhachi)、
大友美由奈/Miyuna Ōtomo(三味線/shamisen、歌/voice)

  • 二つの変奏曲より、さくら 沢井忠夫作曲
  • ざしき童子のはなし 宮沢賢治原作 下野戸亜弓作曲
  • 寿限無 吉川博久作詞 杵屋正邦作曲
  • 蕪村句集 船川利夫作曲
  • Withering Chysanthemum/残菊 マーティン・リーガン作曲/Marty Regan
  • Moon-dewy flowers 岡隆一郎作曲
Kōen Dōri Information for this event

Thursday, October 19, 2017

October 29th, 2017: Performance of "桜と少女" in Tokyo

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There is a chance to hear Marty Regan's work 桜と少女 for soprano, shamisen, koto and shakuhachi at the Sumida Triphony Hall, Tokyo as part of a programme given by the Modern Japanese Song Society.

Sunday 29th Oct 2017, 2:30pm.

Specifically the 7th item on the programme that afternoon is Marty's composition:-


詩(libretto/poem). 木下宣子 Nobuko Kinoshita
曲(composer)...... M.リーガン Marty Regan
歌(soprano)........ 三縄みどり(S) Midori Minawa
三絃(shamisen)... 深海さとみ Satomi Fukami
箏(koto).............. 福永千恵子 Chieko Fukunaga
尺八(shakuhachi) 田辺頌山 Shozan Tanabe

General details in Japanese about the concert are:-

日本歌曲協会 第12回邦楽器とともに

日本歌曲協会 044-572-7895 FAX:044-572-1309
森田 080-3012-3817 
Sumida Triphony Hall's website

Alternative info